Analysis re: Sheppard East transportation report to council – by Steve Woods & Krista Moore

From an email to Toronto Council, sent on March 20, 2012 – Download detailed analysis here.

The report from this expert panel is flawed, not based on opinion, but based on the very criteria outlined in the report. The evaluation criteria within the report clearly defines the criteria, but then does not evaluate it according to its own definitions.

For example, the “Cost effectiveness and fiscal sustainability” criteria clearly states within its definition (in the report) that it must include operating, maintenance, and capital costs. However it only includes capital costs.
Another key criteria is “Community Impact”, yet the panel clearly ignores local requirements as Scaroborough has come out overwhelmingly against LRT, but this report seems to ignore this fact. There is no local support or evidence for LRT in Scarborough. As a matter of fact, Professor Eric Miller admitted during his testimony that they did NOT consult with any residents and never attended any meetings in the Scarborough area, however still felt capable of judging what was good for the residents of Scarborough. Kind of a “we know better” attitude.
All the other conclusions that are made based on the criteria are equally flawed, misrepresentative and incomplete, and need to be corrected to allow this report to be fairly evaluated and voted upon.
I feel that this is an unfair and inaccurate report. It needs to be corrected if it is to be taken seriously and voted upon by the representatives for the future of Toronto. I would ask that this report be evaluated by qualified objective individuals capable of judging the validity and accuracy of the evaluation process before any vote by Toronto Council can be completed.
Steve Woods & Krista Moore
Toronto Taxpayers

Referred documents:

– Subways-vs-LRT Analysis of a Report to Toronto Council:

– Report of the Expert Advisory Panel Regarding Transit on Sheppard Avenue East:

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