Re: Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance proposal: What would you do with 32? – by Karl Haab

Re: CivicAction asks what residents would do with an extra 32 minutes

A great campaign that is guaranteed to be a flop! Why?

1. Toronto’s proposed transportation solution will not save 32 minutes, it will increase the time it takes to travel. Especially when we know that John Tory does not want to address the topic of LRTs vs. Subways. Without that, the group cannot make a proposal for better transportation systems and will never shorten commute times.

2. We already pay too many taxes lumped into general revenues now that were originally collected for a specific purpose like maintaining or improving the roads. Politicians cannot be trusted to spend tax moneys on things they were collected for.

3. A city politician recently complained on a radio show that cars are making too many U-turns downtown creating traffic jams because they are going around and around, and he now wants to build LRTs everywhere that will mandate more U-turns all over the City!

4. Why should we pay more taxes for LRTs that nobody wants? LRTs that according to the City’s own studies create gridlock.

5. The Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance should do their homework first.

6. Has John Tory joined the sinking ship of the Liberal tax and spend regime?

7. Let us stop talking about more taxes while Dalton McGuinty is in charge. If we had all the money he wasted, we could build some pretty nice subways and a few more roads to relieve congestion.

And I had some people ask me how would I solve the problem. Here is my answer:

First, I would come up with plans for subways, not traffic crippling LRTs. We need a subway on Sheppard from West to East, past the Scarborough Town Centre to the U of T campus. The Scarborough RT needs to be converted to a subway (as an extension of the Bloor-Danforth line) and then extended north to the Malvern Town Centre. We need a downtown relief line before the Yonge subway can be extended up to Richmond Hill.

Once you have the plans and the price tag, there are companies that will finance these projects even if City Hall and Metrolinx don’t want to listen. This is not unlike a mortgage when you buy a house and don’t have the money. This way the money has to be paid to the source of financing instead of going to general revenues for Dalton McGuinty’s piggy bank.

We also need to build HWY 448 through the Gatineau Hydro Corridor from The Don Valley Parkway at Don Mills to Morningside, to relieve car traffic on the Don Valley (where they spent several million on bike lanes that absolutely no one (not even Glenn De Baeremaeker) uses. And we should make the Black Creek Road into a proper highway and extend it by tunnel all the way to the Lakeshore to connect with the Gardiner.

Karl Haab

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