Reply to Transportation Toronto from CivicAction

(Below, is the reply from CivicAction to the “Open Letter to CivicAction” published in this blog on January 18, 2013.)

Dear Mr. Gutierrez,

Thank you for your email about CivicAction’s Your32 campaign.

Our campaign aims to build measurable public and decision-maker appreciation and support for greater investment in our region’s transportation system. CivicAction’s campaign is focused on giving our governments the will to take action and find long-term, stable sources of funding that are dedicated, efficient, fair, and transparent to improve our regional transportation network.

Through service improvements and road, transit, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure investments, Metrolinx’s The Big Move goes a long way to delivering the efficient, accessible, affordable, and fully connected network we need to support our region’s economic, social, and environmental prosperity.

We appreciate your concerns relating to our region’s current congestion crisis, and your insights into how to solve it. It’s clear that you share our passion for improving how we get around the region.

Thank you for your interest in our campaign and in your commitment to accelerate a better transportation network for our region.

Best wishes,

The CivicAction Team

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