As Requested: REAFFIRMING SUPPORT FOR SUBWAY – by Patricia Sinclair

Dear Mr. McCuaig,
On this Canada Day, let me reaffirm for the citizens of Scarborough, and indeed Toronto, who spoke volumes on this issue when they voted in a Mayor who promised to build subways in Toronto.
Please do, stop work on a light rail line to replace the ageing SRT.  The SRT was a mistake from the beginning; it was supposed to have been a subway extension.  We now have an opportunity to correct that error.
Based on the research conducted by Rod McPhail, retired Director, Transportation Planning, we know that replacing the SRT with a Subway will be cheaper than LRT when the cost of busing 50,000 people for several years is factored in.
We also know that when a subway line is built in the right location, it pays for itself.  Attached for your interest is a link to Matthew Lee’s thesis, “Analyzing residential land use impacts along the Sheppard Subway corridor.”
Recognizing the burden of the provincial debt[1] and deficit, it is clear that Metrolinx’s $8.4 Billion transit plans are not “fully-funded”.   
Given the rates of unemployment[2], precarious employment[3] and poverty[4] levels[5], Torontonians cannot afford to pay any more taxes.
We certainly should not waste resources on transit infrastructure that, as Richard Gilbert noted in his article[6], come with “absurdly high costs” and substantially low capacity. 
It is therefore, critical that the right mode of transit be built in the right location, to service the needs of the riders and enable transit to self-finance[7], in the long run. 
Does this government, through Metrolinx, continue to acquiesce to self interest groups[8] or, “Do you hear the people..?” [9] 
Happy Canada Day,
Patricia Sinclair
Real Torontonians Dig Subways


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