Transportation Toronto is an answer to a more balanced urban transportation planning. A balance that includes all 4 modes of urban commute: walking, cycling, transit riding, and driving.

For almost half a century, transportation planning in Toronto has seriously neglected road capacity. This has not just worsen traffic congestion, but has made residential streets ever more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, since through-traffic is increasingly permeating into them in order to avoid congested roads in the periphery. Similarly, this phenomenon occurs in all major growing metropolis. We cannot afford to continue this neglect, or our quality of life will continue to deteriorate. Besides providing major improvements in our rapid transit network, cycling network and safe sidewalks, we must provide a larger and more efficient road network.

A city is like any living organism. We cannot let one of its organs fail or the entire system will eventually collapse. In a growing city, all of its infrastructure should be allowed to grow, in order to let it reach its maximum potential.